About EmbrPay

EmbrPay was established with the idea that all businesses should be financially equal. We try to accommodate all legal businesses. Which is also why we adamantly support high risk industries like firearms.

Equality in finance. Open to all.
Many Veterans are constantly seeking for Veteran-alternatives to mainstream solutions. EmbrPay is the financial solution for Veteran-Owned small businesses on multiple fronts.
Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) shouldn't have to worry about where their next donation will come from. By leveraging EmbrPay, NPOs now have a viable solution for constant growth. Which enables them to grow their cause and help more.
Digital agencies are constantly looking for ways to diversity their revenue streams. 
EmbrPay gives them an extra incentive to help their clients break barriers. Which ultimately uplifts our communities as well.
Legal Business
We believe that all legal businesses should receive the same level of financial resources without being penalized for the work they do. We strive to provide a better solution each day to all industries, including high risk.