Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Modern POS System

By Jared Ledbetter on April 20, 2021

Does your small business have a modern POS system? You may wonder if you even need one. After all, your trusty cash register has served you just fine so far, right?

It can be easy to overlook the benefits of using a POS system, especially if you’ve never used one before. But the benefits of these modern systems are too significant to ignore, no matter how small your business may be.

Moving to a modern POS system will change your small business for the better. The modern conveniences and process improvements alone stand to make your (and your accountant’s) life a whole lot easier. Let’s take a look at some of the most important reasons why your business needs a great POS system.

Reliably Track Stock Levels

Do you know precisely how many of each item you have in stock at any given time? Maybe you’ve wondered which items are truly the most popular? Tracking sales manually and physically taking stock takes time and energy that your staff could put to better use.

Making guesses about sales trends is inefficient and can lead to inaccurate projections for your business. Instead, take the guesswork out of tracking stock and sales by implementing a POS system that tracks this information for you.

Build Customer Relationships

Like it or not, modern technology and purchasing convenience is something that your customers will expect when it comes to doing business with you. Large companies have long since moved to simple tap and pay, mobile, and remote payment options, and consumers now expect the same reliability and convenience that modern POS systems offer wherever they shop.

If your system is old-fashioned or outdated, your customers are going to notice. And though they may be too polite to ask you why you haven’t updated your own POS, they’re likely to consider your business as less efficient than that of your competitors who are using modern sales systems. After all, you want as few barriers as possible between your customer choosing their items and completing their transaction.

Efficiency, speed, and ease are now the minimum that customers require when making a sales transaction. If you’re not offering these with every sale, it’s probably time to re-evaluate your payment system. 

Modern POS systems feel (and are) more reliable and secure than older sales systems. In a time when digital security is more important than ever before, your customers will appreciate that you’re using the latest technology to do business with them.

Reduce Human Error

Modern payment systems reduce the likelihood of simple errors occurring during the transaction process. If your POS system is easy to use, your employees are less likely to make errors in processing payments. Fewer errors can help with customer confidence, but they can also help with your bottom line.

If your system also tracks your stock levels, you can easily avoid over-stocking or under-stocking products. Simple human errors can add up to significant expenses for your small business, but smart POS systems can help ensure that those minor mistakes don’t cost you big.

Make the Checkout Process Easier For Customers

Customer experience is one of the most important aspects of any business. Small businesses often have to work harder to provide an excellent customer experience to maintain customer relationships. 

When your customers hand over their hard-earned money to you, the minimum that they expect is a smooth and error-free transaction experience. They don’t want a slow, tedious process that leaves them feeling as though they’ve just done you a favor by doing business with you. No one wants to wait in line, and no one wants to be the customer who has to run their card through several times with a line behind them.

By optimizing your customer’s checkout experience, you’re building and developing a relationship with them that will form the foundation of your business success. Don’t let a small thing like a negative sales experience weaken that foundation.

Modern POS Systems Make Things Easier For You

Many small business owners overlook the simple fact that most modern POS systems make the job of selling so much easier. Newer systems take much of the heavy lifting off your hands, from pricing to taking stock and processing cash and card payments.

Modern payment systems are more secure, easier to use, and more reliable than ever before. If your business uses an outdated POS system, now is the time to make the switch.

Modernize Your POS System

If you’re still struggling with processing card payments or stressing over card types and merchant statements that are impossible to understand, there is a better way. 

If you’re not using a modern POS system in your small business, it’s time to make a change. Give yourself and your customers a better experience and reliable service by updating your payment processing system.

At Embr Pay, we understand what matters to small businesses. Secure payment systems, low fees, and 24-hour merchant support are just the beginnings of a great POS system. We offer everything you need to make sure that you and your customers have a great point of sales experience every single time.

Contact us today to see how our sales processing systems can help your business grow and thrive with every new transaction.

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